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2022 Symposium Programme

Please find below the 2022 Symposium Programme

Monday August 29, 2022
8:30  Welcome

8:35  Keynote Address: Silvia Vignolini,  Bio-inspired materials, Cambridge University

9:20  Session 1: Fibers 
Chaired by Ulrich Hirn
Graz University of Technology

  • Development of improved CTMP with even sulphonate distribution at fibre level using XRF analysis 
    Hafizur Rahman(1), Per Engstrand(1), Erik Persson(1), Siwen An(1), Börje Norlin(1), Faisal Zeeshan(1) and Thomas Granfeldt(2)

    1:Mid Sweden University, Sweden, 2:Valmet AB, Sweden

  • Highly Carboxylated Pulps – A New Approach
    Robert Pelton(1), Hongfeng Zhang(1) Xiao Wu (1), Jose Moran-Mirabal (1), Paul Bicho (2), Erin A.S. Doherty (3), Richard J. Riehle (3), Sachin Borkar(3)
    1:McMaster University, Canada, 2:Canfor Pulp, Canada, 3:Solenis LLC, USA

10:40 Coffee

11:10 Session 2:  Foam Forming
Chaired by Daniel Söderberg
KTH Royal Institute of Technology

  • Properties of Cellulose Nanofibril Foam Depending on Wet Foaming Conditions
    Shin Young Park(1), Sooim Goo(1), Heenae Shin(1), Jinseung Kim(1), Hye Jung Youn(1)
    1:Seoul National University    

  • The relation between bubble-fiber interaction and material properties in foam forming
    Annika Ketola(1), Tuomo Hjelta(1), Timo Lappalainen(1), Heikki Pajari(1), Tekla Tammelin(1), Kristian Salminen(1), Koon-Yang Lee(2), Orlando Rojas(3), Jukka A.Ketoja(1)
    1:VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd. Finland, 2: Imperial College London, UK 3:University of British Columbia, Canada      

12:30 Lunch

13:45  Session 3:  Bonding
Chaired by Hak Lae Lee
Seoul National University

  • Invited Perspective:  Fundamentals of interactions between cellulose rich surfaces
    Lars Wågberg(1)
    1:KTH Royal Institute of Technology


  • Visualisation of the 3D microstructure of a monodisperse fibre assembly under uniaxial compression
    A.Sibellas(1), J.E.Q.M.Litjens(1), J. Drummond (1), A.B.Phillion(2) and D.M.Martinez(1)
    1:The University of British Columbia, Canada 2:McMaster University Canada

15:15 Coffee 


  • Lignin inter-diffusion - a mechanism behind improved wet strength
    Tove Joelsson(1,2), Amanda Mattsson(1), Jukka A.Ketoja(1,3), Gunilla Pettersson(1), Per Engstrand(1)
    1:Mid Sweden University, Sweden, 2:MoRe Research, Sweden, 3:VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd, Finland  

  • Wet fibre surface – does it behave like a gel?
    Annika E.Ketola(1), Miika Leppänen(2), Tuomas Turpeinen(1), Petri Papponen(2), Anna Sundberg(3), Kai Arstila(2), Elias Retulainen(1)
    1:VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd, Finland, 2:University of Jyväskylä, Finland 3:Åbo Akademi University Finland

17:00  Poster Session

Tuesday August 30, 2022


8:30  Session 4:  Novel Applications using Cellulose
Chaired by Robert Pelton
McMaster University


  • Invited Perspective: Strong or Fluffy Nanopapers: How to utilise cellulose nanofibrils effectively?
    Andreas Mautner(1), Kathrin Weiland(1), Alexander Bismarck(1,2)
    1:University of Vienna, Austria, 2:Imperial College London, UK


  • Micro Fibrillated Cellulose (MFC) films on metal surfaces as a substrate for Temperature Programmed Desorption (TPD) experiments
    Elias Henögl(1), Patrik Petschacher(1), Alexander Scheiber(1), V.Haberl(1), Robert Schennach(1)
    1:Graz University of Technology, Austria

  • Preparation of Cellulose Nanofibril/Salt Hydrate Composite Phase Change Materials for Thermal Energy Storage
    Zhenghui Shen(1), Kyudeok Oh(1,3), Martti Toivakka(3), Hak Lae Lee(1)
    1:Seoul National University, South Korea, 2:Åbo Akademi University, Finland

10:40 Coffee

11:00 Session 5: Coatings and Barriers
Chaired by Janet Preston


  • Quantitative analysis of spreading and adhesion of latex binder within pigment coating layer and its relation to mechanical property of coating layer
    Jee Hong Lee(1), Sang Jin Shin(2), Seung Uk Yeu(2), Hak Lae Lee(1,3)
    1:Seoul National University, South Korea 2:LG Chem. Ltd. South Korea 3:Qilu University of Technology People’s Republic of China


  • High-throughput processing of nanocellulose into biodegradable barrier coatings
    Rajesh Koppolu(1), Martti Toivakka(1)
    1:Åbo Akademi University, Finland

12:30 Lunch

14:00 Session 6: Nano-Cellulose
Chaired by Warren Batchelor
Monash University


  • Invited Perspective: Current and potential use of highly fibrillated cellulose in the paper and board industry
    Jonathan Phipps(1) 
    1:FiberLean  Tehcnologies Ltd. UK


  • Production and potential of PCC-functionalized nanocellulose composites
    Birgit Lutsch(1), Martin Zahel(1), Tiemo Arndt(1), Frank Miletzky(1,2), Sandra Heckel(1)
    1:Papiertechnische Stiftung, Germany, 2: Technische Universität Dresden, Germany


  • Engineering nanocellulose-based matrices for 3D cell cultures
    Rodrigo Curvello(1), Vikram Singh Raghuwanshi(1), Gil Garnier(1)
    1:Monash University, Australia


Nanocellulose extended discussion

17:00 International Paper Physics Meeting (with Tappi Paper Physics Committee meeting)                           

Evening Barbeque

Wednesday August 31, 2022

8:30  Session 7:  Paperboard
Chaired by Joel Panek


  • Invited Perspective: Modelling & simulation applications in paperboard packaging
    Johan Tryding(1)
    1:Tetra Pak Sweden


  • Mechanical response of paperboard in rapid compression – the rapid ZD-tester, a measurement technique
    Cecilia Rydefalk(1,2), Anton Hagman(1), Li Yang(1), Artem Kulachenko(2)
    1:RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, Sweden, 2:KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

  • Mechanical interaction between a cartonboard package and a tactile sensor depending on position and material
    Daniel Eriksson(1), Henry Eriksson(1), Camilla Persson(1), Christer Korin(1)
    1:Örebro University, Sweden 


10:40 Coffee


11:00   Session 8: Paper Mechanics
Chaired by William Sampson
University of Manchester


  • Influence of Crepe Structure on Tensile Properties of Tissue Paper
    Shubham Agarwal(1), Prabhat Srivastava(1), Sheldon Green(1) and A.Srikantha Phani(1)
    1:University of British Columbia, Canada


  • Mean-field approach to compression of thick porous fibre networks
    J.Ketoja(1), S.Paunonen(1), E.Pääkkönen(1), T.Pöhler(1), T.Turpeinen(1), A.Miettinen(2), T.Mäkinen(3), J.Koivisto(3), M.J.Alava(3),
    1 :VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd, Finland,  2: University of Jyvaskyla, Finland, (3) Aalto University, Finland  

Mechanics Discussion


13:00 Lunch

14:30 Tour


Evening Banquet


Thursday September 1, 2022

9:00 Session 9: Dimensional Stability
Chaired by Douglas Coffin
Miami University


  • Wrinkles formation and origins: from theory of web handling to coating pilot scale experimentation  
    Florian Le Gallic(1), Maxime Teil(1), Jérémie Viguié(1), Céline Martin(1), Raphaël Passas(1)
    1:University Grenoble Alpes, France


  • Re-understanding the in-plane hygro-expansion of freely and restrained dried paper handsheets
    Niels Vonk(1), Ron Peerlings(1), Marc Geers(1), Johan Hoefnagels(1)
    1:Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands


  • On the relationship between curl and cockling
    Won Seok Nam(1), Prashanth Srinivasa(2), Artem Kulachenko(3)
    1:Northvolt AB, Sweden 2:RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, Sweden 3:KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

11:00  Coffee                                    


11:30  Session 10: Transport and Moisture Interactions
Chaired by Mark Martinez
University of British Columbia


  • Porosity Centrifuge: Analysis of the Porous Structure of Paper in Contact with Water under Hypergravity Conditions
    Niels Postulka(1), Michelle Seibert(1), Andreas Geißler(1), Mathis Fricke(1), Dieter Bothe(1), Tobias Meckel(1), Markus Biesalski(1)

    1:Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany

  • New tools to study water interactions of microfibril bundles: molecular modeling based on nanoscale characterization
    A.Paajanen(1), P.Penttilä(2), A.Zitting(2), J. A.Ketoja(1),
    1:VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd, Finland, 2:Aalto University, Finland    

12:50 Lunch


  • Where is the water?
    Maximilian Fuchs(1), Eduardo Machado Charry(1), Gregor Böhm(1), Roland Resel(1), Robert Schennach(1), Karin Zojer(1)
    1:Graz University of Technology, Austria


  • Mesoscale water wetting of low-density fibrous structures: experimentation and simulation
    D.Steven Keller(1), H. Abedsoltan(1), J. Reid(1), L. Yin(2)

    1:Miami University, USA, 2:Beckman Institute, University of Illinois, USA 


Transport Discussion  


16:00 Close        

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