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About Us

What and who are the FRC and PPFRS?

Who we are

The PPFRS (Pulp and Paper Fundamental Research Society) is an independent, charitable organisation registered in Great Britain for the promotion of research and education in the pulp and paper industry. The FRC (the Fundamental Research Committee) runs the PPFRS and has the same membership, with the separate titles being maintained for adminstrative and historical reasons.

What we do

OUR MISSION: To provide forums to advance science and engineering fundamentals for the pulp & paper industry and its interconnected products and operations.


  • Organize the Fundamental Research Symposia every 4 years, alternately in the English universities of Oxford and Cambridge.  .

  • Publish high quality proceedings from the symposia.

  • Promote high quality research (both classic and new).

  • Connect people, organizations, research communities, and regions.

The Symposia

The audience for the symposia includes scientists, engineers, managers; across academia, industry and suppliers; from students to world class experts.  

Topics include:

  • The structure & chemistry of fibres and bonds

  • The fundamentals of strength properties and the mechanics of forming advanced structures

  • The dynamics of forming, pressing, coating, and printing

  • The development of nanocellulose and functional products

Review papers have always been a hallmark of the FRC, providing in-depth summaries and great references.

Discussions are recorded and published, allowing further access into the thinking and experience of our participants.  

Further information 

For more on the organisation and history of the FRC and the symposia, please explore the other areas of the website and, if you have any questions, do email us at

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